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  • To provide integrated research, development and design base for microbial technology.

  • To undertake basic and applied research and development programmes in established and newly emerging areas of relevant biotechnology including genetic engineering.

  • To optimise the existing microbial processes currently available and in use in the country.

  • To develop and maintain gene pool resources and genetic stocks of microbial cultures and other cell lines. This could also serve as a reference centre to assist other centres.

  • To establish facilities for biochemical engineering, instrumentation development including microprocessor systems, a computer centre and development of mathematical models for process parameters.

  • To establish facilities for design of process equipment and bioreactors.

  • To impart training in microbiology, microbial technology and biochemical engineering.

  • To conduct training and refresher courses for research workers and technologists.

  • To establish documentation and information retrieval and dissemination facilities and a data bank to meet the needs of the Institute.

  • To establish and maintain effective linkages with industry and educational institutions.

  • To develop capabilities for producing design and engineering packages for industrial plants.

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