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S.No. Title Description Download
2 Tender Disposal of scrap scrap.pdf
3 Open / Global Tender Notice No. 82 ( Extension ) Globalopentender82.pdf
4 Open / Global Tender Notice No. 82 GlobalTender82.pdf
5 IND 42809 Protein Purification System With multi wavelength Detection and fraction collector IND42809.doc
6 EOI To procure a static/dynamic light scattering system with associated (dn/dc) device for protein research EOINo.Pur-81.doc
7 NIT Replacement of Existing Fluroscent Tube Light fixtures with Light Emitting Diode (LED) NoticeInvitingTender.doc
8 Extension of Time for NIT Replacement of HVAC etc. NIT-Extension-of-Time.doc
9 NIT Replacement of HVAC etc, Water Cooled Chillers etc, Replacement of Old AHUs etc, Replacement of Old Pumps etc NITs.doc
10 NIT Contract for providing manpower for various services for two years NITNo.IMT_MVS_2017.pdf
11 NIT NIT NIT.pdf
12 Scrap Disposal IMT/STORES/EMPTIES/2016-11/20 ScrapDisposal.pdf
13 NIT Multivapor with Vacuum Controller and Vacuum Pump Enquiry41496.pdf
14 NIT white washing, painting etc NIT-Sep.pdf
15 Open/Global Tender High Resolution 600MHz NMR Globalopentender80-.doc
16 Tender Notice Pur/RC/2016-17 RC2016-17.pdf
17 Notice Enlistment of the Indian Agent of Foreign Principals with DGS&D DGSDregistration.doc
18 Tender Notice Advt. No. Pur-79/2016-17 TenderCHA2016-17.pdf
19 Notice Regarding disposal of scrap DisposalofScrap.pdf
20 Open/Global Tender Notice No: 78 Lab furniture( Date extended with revised specifications) TenderFurnitureIND39505.doc
21 Open/Global Tender Notice No: 78 Lab Furniture tender-78.doc
22 IND39661 Horizontal Rectangular Steam Sterilizer Enquiry-39661.doc
23 Tender No 77 High Resolution 600 MHz NMR & Lyphilizer (Freezer Dryer) Globalopentender77.doc
24 NIT 05/2016 Replacement of Fire Control Panel firecontrolNIT.doc
25 NIT 04/2016 Upgradation of existing cold room NITupgradionofexistingcoldroom.doc
26 NOTICE INVITING TENDER Contract for providing Security & Fire Prevention service Tender_SecurityandFirePerventionFINALASON15.1.2016.pdf
27 NOTICE INVITING TENDER No 03 /2016 Replacement of old AHUs NITreplacementofAHUs.doc
28 NOTICE INVITING TENDER No. 02 /2016 Cleaning of HVAC ducts NITcleaningofducts.doc
29 Open/Global Tender Notice No: 75 Date of Receipt/opening Extended Globalopentender75-extended.doc
30 PUR/2015-16/IND38532 Lyophilizer (Freeze Dryer) Systems Tender-Number-76.doc
31 NIT Replacement of steam line NITNo.06-2015.doc
32 Tender No.75 (1) Installation, commissioning and configuration of LAN, (2) Nanolitre-volume Dispensing Protein Crystallization Robot 1 Globalopentender75.doc
33 Tender IND39789 High peformance compute cluster PUR_2015-16IND39789.pdf
34 ExpressION OF INTEREST(procure Isothermal Titration Calorimetry and Differential Scanning Calorimetry) Advt. No. Pur-74/2015-16 PIC-74-web.doc
35 EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (Local Area Network-LAN) (Advt. No. Pur-73/2015-16) PIC-73.pdf
36 Tender Freeze-drying (Lyophilizer) systems IND37161-FreezeDryingSystems-updated1.pdf
37 EOI High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster PIC-72-Web.pdf
38 Tender Providing manpower for security and fire prevention services Tender_SecurityandFirePervention.pdf
39 EOI Advt. No. Pur-71/2015-16 PIC-Web.doc
40 NIT Renovation Work in Ph.D. Hostels NITNo.5-2015.doc
41 Tender Re-Tender for Disposal Re-TenderDisposal_12_2015.doc
42 Tender Pur/RC/2015-16 RCTender2015-16.PDF
43 Tender Tender No. 12_2015 TenderDisposal_12_2015.pdf
44 Tender AMC FIre FIghting 2015 TenderforAMCFIreFIghting.pdf
45 Auction Disposal of Scrap ScrapDisposal.pdf
46 NIT Annual Contract for Organising round the Clock Operation of Central Air-Conditioning Plant NITNo.04-2015.doc
47 NIT Annual Maintenance and Inspection Service for Central Air Conditioning Plant NITNo.03-2015.doc
48 NIT Annual Maintenance Contract of Civil Works NITNo.02-2015.doc
49 NIT 01/2015 Carpeting of roads NITNo01_2015.pdf
50 NIT No. 2(53)/11-Gen.) NIT.pdf
51 Scrap Disposal scrap containing Cardboard, packing wooden material, empty bottles etc. Disposalofscrap.pdf
52 NIT No. 06/2014 6_14.pdf
53 NIT No. 05/2014 5_14.pdf
54 NIT No. 04/2014 4_14.pdf
55 Pre Indent Notice Advt. No. Pur-70/2014 Pre-indentnotice.doc
56 Amendment Open Tender 69 AmendmentOpentender69.doc
57 Open/Global Tender Notice No: 69 Liquid Nitrogen Storage, Cryostorage, Homogenizer High Pressure Globalopentender69.doc
58 Tender Regarding Annual Rate Contract RateContractTender.pdf
59 Notice Vendors registration in ERP Notice-VendorRegistration.pdf
60 Items Purchased List of items above 25 Lacs itemsProcuredin2013-14morethanRs25lac.doc
61 NIT (Advt. No. 2 (358)/2011-Gen.) Fire Fighting TenderforAMCFIreFIghting.pdf
62 Tender - IND 30282 Protein Purification System IND-30282_Protein_purification.doc
63 Request for Pro-forma Invoice Protein Purification System IND30282-Webtender.doc
64 EOI Advt. No.01/2014 ExpressionofInterest.doc
65 NIT Contract for providing manpower for various services TenderDoc.Twobids-1.doc
66 Request for Pro-forma Invoice Protein Purification System WebQuote.doc
67 Open/Global Tender Tender No.67 ( Extension of period for item No.3) Globalopentender67.doc
68 Open/Global Tender Notice No: 68 Globalopentender68.doc
69 Open/Global Tender Notice No: 67 Globalopentender67.doc
71 Tender Steam Sterilizer IND28881-SteamSterilizer.doc
72 CORRIGENDUM EOI Advt. No.05/2013 Corrigendum.doc
73 IND28872 HPLC with UV & RI detectors IND28872-HPLC.doc
74 Open/Global Tender Notice No: 65 Super Resolution Confocal Workflow, Upright Ultra Deep Freezer, Individually Ventillated Cage System, Rodent Cage and Water Bottle Washing System Globalopen-Tender-65.doc
75 Open/Global Tender Notice No: 64 Correlative Microscopy Laser Scanning Fluorescence Workstation Globaltender64.doc
76 Advt Advt.No.IMT/Disposal(1)/2013 - general information for tenders/bidders. Advt.No.IMTDisposal12013-generalinformationfortenderers.doc
77 EOI Invitation of expression of interest for SAXS Instrument SAX-INSTRUMENT.doc
78 CORRIGENDUM NIT CORRIGENDUM - Advertisement No.IMT/Disposal (1)/2013 corrigendum-Disp-Tender.doc
79 Expression of Interest for Super Resolution Confocal Workflow Confocal.doc
80 EOI Atomic Force Spectroscope (with amendment also add Automated Phenotype Microarray System) Tender62-2013.pdf
81 EOI Advt. No.5/2013 EOI.doc
82 Expression of Interest No. Pur-61/2013 Protein_Crystallization_Robot.pdf
83 NIT (also see CORRIGENDUM above) Advertisement No.IMT/Disposal (1)/2013 Disposal_Tender_August2013.doc
84 NIT Contract for manpower Contract-for-manpower-for-various-services_2.pdf
85 Invitation of expression of interest Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrophotometer (NMR) NMR.doc
86 EOI Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrophotometer (NMR) NMR_EOI_Final_July18_2013.doc
87 NIT Notice Invinting Tender NIT.doc
88 Expression of Interest Confocal Microscope Confocal.doc
89 Tender RC Tender RCTender13-14.doc
90 NIT Job contract Jobcontractforvariousserviceforthethreeyears2013-15.pdf
91 Tender Automatic Boom Barrier IND26707.doc
92 NIT Tender 03/2013 NIT.doc
93 Tender Microfiltration System webtenderind25317.doc
94 Tender Bead beater IND25902-BeadBeater.doc
95 Tender Open/Global Tender Notice No: 57 Globaltender55.doc
96 PIC Notice Advt. No. Pur-56/2012-13 PIC56.doc
97 NIT TENDER No.02/2013 NIT2.doc
98 NIT TENDER No. 1/2013 NIT1.doc
99 Open/Global Tender Notice No:55 Automated Colony Picker Globaltender55.doc
100 Global Tender 49 Globaltender49.doc
101 NIT Corrigendum 2(358)/2011-Gen NIT_Corrigendum.doc
102 NIT Advt. No. 2 (358)/2011-Gen NIT.doc
103 Open/Global Tender Notice No: 53(with revised specs) Incubator Shaking System for 96-well-Deep-well and Micro-titre plates OpenTender53-withrevisedspecs.doc
104 Tender Water Purification System IND23680-WaterPurificationSystem.doc
105 PIC Notice (Advt. No. Pur-54/2012-13) PIC_54.doc
106 Open/Global Tender Notice No: 52 IND23410- Refrigerated Incubator Shaker OpenTender52.doc
107 Tender IND 22918 IND22918-GelDryer.doc
108 Request for Pro-forma Invoice IND 22739 IND22739-DGGESystem1.PDF
109 Tender Disposal of store items TenderforDisposalofStores.pdf
110 tender No. 49 tender No. 49 Globaltender49.doc
111 Tender Advt. No. Pur-/CHA-51/2012-13 TenderClearingagent2012-13.doc
112 Pre indent conference notice Advt. no. 50/2012 RevisedTender50.doc
113 Pre-Bid Conference Pre-Bid Conference Notice Pre-bidColonypicker.doc
114 Tender Biometric Access Control System IND-21451BiometricAccessControlSystem.doc
115 NIT No. 8/2012 RenovationofTypeVquarters.doc
116 Tender Notice 7-2012 Tender-7-2012.pdf
117 Tender 30"Coffee high table,Chairs in ABS fibre,Ornamental cast aluminium chair IND20655-ChairsinABS0fibreetc.1.doc
118 Tender Homogenizer, High Pressure IND21122-HomogenizerHighPressure.doc
119 Tender Gradient Thermal Cycler IND20085-GradientThermalCycler-2.doc
120 Tender Table top centrifuge for high volume application IND20198-TTCentrifuge.doc
121 Open Tender Preparative Scale HPLC OpenTender47.doc
122 Tender Automated Flash Chromatography System IND19898-AutomatedFlashChromatography.doc
123 IND 19396 UltraSonicator for Bacterial Cell Disruption IND19396.doc
124 IND 19614 Nitrogen Generator IND19614.doc
125 IND 19802 Multiprobe Homogenizer, Multiprobe IND19802.doc
126 Open Tender Open/Global Tender Notice No: 46 (with revised specs) OpenTender46withrevisedspecs.doc
127 Open Tender Open/Global Tender Notice No: 45 (with revised specs) OpenTender45withrevisedspecs.doc
128 Open Tender Flow Cytometer Workflow Module- I, II and III OpenTender46.doc
129 NIT Aluminium Partitioning & Painting NIT.doc
130 Tender Benchtop Flow cytometer system IND19250.doc
131 Open Tender Open/Global Tender Notice No: 45 OpenTender45.doc
132 Request for Pro-forma Invoice IND 19363 IND19363-CircularDichroismSpectropolarimeter.doc
133 Request for Pro-forma Invoice IND 19316 IND19316-Thermomixer.doc
134 Request for Pro-forma Invoice IND19183 IND19183-MultiAngleLightScattering.doc
135 NIT Annual maintenance and Inspection service for Central Air Conditioning Plant NIT.doc
136 No: PUR/2011-12/IND19063 Coating Unit RevisedIND19063-CoatingUnit.doc
137 Rate Contract Tender Tender Notice Pur-44/2011-12(RC) rctender.doc
138 Tender Refrigerated centrifuge with rotor IND18815-Centrifuge.doc
139 Tender Renovation work of staff quarters & exterior painting on walls of main Building 17-Tender.doc
140 Tender AMC Fire Fighting System AMCFireFightingSystem.doc
141 Disposal Tender No.Store/Disposal/2011-12 DisposalTender.doc
142 EOI Expression of interest-CCTV systems EOI.doc
143 NIT No. 15/2011 NIT.doc
144 Tender Expression of Interest EOI.doc
145 Tender for security and fire pervention services Tendersecurityfireprevention.doc
146 NIT No.14/2011 NIT.doc
147 Tender Open Tender No. 42 OpentenderNo.42-Fermenter40L2.doc
148 NIT IMTECH- No.2(358)/2011-Gen AMC_Fire_Fighting.doc
149 Request for Pro forma Invoice IND 17254 IND17254-UV-VisSpectrophotometer.pdf
150 Web Tender IND 17264 IND17264.doc
151 IND16469 Incubator , with roller bottle apparatus, shaker & roller drum IND16469.pdf
152 Pre Indent Conference Notice Fermenter with 40 L volume PIN.doc
153 NIT Supply of Manpower for various services Manpowerfortheyear2011.doc
154 CORRIGENDUM NOTICE NO. : 5/2011 Corri_5_2011.doc
155 IND17050 Gradient Thermal Cycler IND17050-GradientThermalCycler.pdf
156 Tender IND 14524 IND14524-NanoSpectrophotometer.pdf
157 NIT 05/2011 Laboratory Furniture at Advanced Protein Centre Building in IMTECH Lab_Furniture.doc
158 IND 16231, 16276, 16374 Deep Freezer, Gas Chromatography, Chemiluminescence TenderforEquipments-1.pdf
159 Tender TENDER NOTICE No: 3/2011 03-Tender.doc
160 Tender Tender for Equipments TenderforEquipments.doc
161 Web Tender IND14478+14422+14664 & 14479 WebTenderIND14478144221466414479.doc
162 Web Tender IND 16086 & 16142 Web_Tender_IND_16086__16142.doc
163 Tender Tender 15908 IND15908-genetic_analysis_mutation_detection_system.pdf
164 Tender TENDER NOTICE No 3/2011 03-Tender.doc
165 Tender Tender for Equipments Tender_for_Equipments.pdf
166 Tender Revised Open Tender No. 41 OpentenderNo.41afterpre-bidheldon20.1.2011.doc
167 Tender Tender for housekeeping tenderforhousekeeping.doc
168 Tender Tender of Horticulture Services TenderDocumentofHorticultureServices.doc
169 Tender IND 15075 IND15075.doc
170 Tender IND 14501 IND14501.doc
171 Tender Benchtop centrifuge IND14371-Benchtop_Centrifuge.pdf
172 Open Tender 40 Confocal Microscopy etc OpenTender40.doc
173 Tender 16/2010 Tender.doc
174 Web Tender Gel Doc System Webtender.doc
175 Tender IND 14685 IND14685DoubleBeamUV-VisSpectrophotometer.pdf
176 Tender 14/2010 14-2010-Tender.doc
177 Tender IND 14525 Webtender.doc
178 Tender Request for proformat invoice qotation.doc
179 Tender Tender for various equipments TenderforVariousEquipments.pdf
180 IND14139 digital franking machine IND14139.doc
181 IND14423 Individually Ventilated Cage, Cage Unit IND14423.doc
182 Tender UV-Vis Spectrophotometer Webtender.doc
183 Tender Pre Indent Notice Pre-indentnotice.doc
184 Tender Centrifugal Vaccum Concentrator Webtender.doc
185 Tender Radiation Monitor IND13833-RadiationMonitor.pdf
186 Tender Rate Contract Tender RCTender.pdf
187 Tender Execution of renovation work at animal house building Tender_11_2010.pdf
188 Tender Tender for Security and Fire Pervention Tender_SecurityandFirePervention.pdf
189 NIT Advt No.IMTECH/SECURITY/2010 SecurityNIT.doc
190 IND13098 Sonicator_2 IND13098-Sonicator_2.pdf
191 Web Tender IND13734 Webtender.doc
192 IND 13645 Horizontal Double Door Rectangular High Pressure Steam Sterlizer IND13645-HorizontalDDHighPressureSteamSterilizerChamber.pdf
193 Tender Pilot Scale Fermenter System- 100 L Globaltender38.doc
194 Web Tender Ultrafiltration/ microfiltration system, membrane filtration system Webtender.doc
195 IND 13098 Sonicator IND13098-Sonicator.pdf
196 IND 12581 Walky Talky IND12581-WalkyTalky.pdf
197 IND 13202 High Speed Centrifuge IND_13202.pdf
198 Tender 13097 Orbital Incubator Shaker IND13097-OrbitalIncubatorShaker.pdf
199 NIT No.16/2009 NIT.doc
200 Advt. No. Pur-38/2010 Pre-Indent Notice Pre-indentnotice.doc
201 Tender Advt. No. Pur-37/2010 TenderClearingagent.doc
202 Tender 37 Appointment of Custom Clearance Agent Tender-37-2010_new.doc
203 Tender 11667 Incubator Shaker Multi Stackable IND11167-IncubatorShaker_MultiStackable_.pdf
204 Tender 12002 Electrochemical Analyzer with necessary software Tender12002.doc
205 Open/Global Tender PUR/2009-10/IND12010 OpenTender36_modified.pdf
206 IND11990 UV VIS Spectrophotometer IND11990-UVVISSpectrophotometer.pdf
207 IND11598 Tensiometer IND11598-tensiometer.pdf
208 Tender 05/2010 Work of Replacement of Air Handling Units Tender_5_2010.pdf
209 IND 12017 Bioreactor with illumination facility IND12017Bioreactor.pdf
210 Tender 35 Ultra Deep Freezer, High Volume Refrigerated Centrifuge OpenTender35.doc
211 Tender 34 Pre-Bid Conference (Advt. No. Pur - 34 / 2010) Tender34.doc
212 Tender-11122 High speed refrigerated centrifuge Tender-11122.doc
213 Tender Pure Steam Generator 11219-PureSteamGenerator.pdf
214 Advt 34/2010 Pre-Indent Conference Tender34.doc
215 Tender 33 Modular Data Centre Tender_33.pdf
216 Tender 33 Modular Data Centre Tender_33.doc
217 Tender NOTICE INVITING TENDER No. 03/2010 AdvtNo-3-2010.doc
218 Advt No 3/2010 Work of flooring & wall coating etc. Advt_No_3_2010.doc
219 Advt. No. Pur-30/2009 Tender Clearing agent TenderClearingagent.pdf
220 Tender 10783 Rotational Vacuum Concentrator IND10783RotationalVacuumConcentrator.pdf
221 Tender Request for Proforma Invoice for Fluorescence microscope Tender11306.doc
222 Tender Liquid Nitrogen Storage System 10533-LiquidNitrogenStorageSystem.pdf
223 Tender Tender for Courier Services at IMTECH CourierServicesTender.pdf
224 Tender Tender for Deep Freezer_-150_ & Refrigerated Incubator Shaker.pdf TenderforDeepFreezer_-150_RefrigeratedIncubatorShaker.pdf
225 Tender Open Tender No. 32 OpenTenderNo.32.pdf
226 Tender Disposal of Scrap 20091029172832_Disposal_of_Scrap.pdf
227 NIT 15/2009 Construction of Temporary shed for dinning purpose in front of dinning hall of Student mess in IMTECH 20091013093641_NIT_15_2009.doc
228 NIT 14/2009 Annual Maintenance & Inspection service for Central Air Conditioning Plant 20091009141344_NIT-Advt.No.14-2009.doc
229 IND10316 Spectrofluorometer 20091008123814_IND10316-Spectrofluorometer.pdf
230 Tender For Various Equipments 20091008095849_Tender_for_Various_Equipments.pdf
231 IND10495 Controlled temp stackable shaker 20091008095803_IND10495-Controlled_temp_stackableshaker.pdf
232 NIT Advt 12 2009(Creation of state of Art Laboratory) 20091008095634_NIT_ADVT_12_2009.pdf
233 Tender Rate Contract Tender 20091008095918_RATE_CONTRACT_TENDER.pdf
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